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Returns Of 300% Or Higher

We are a firm that guarantees to increase your start-up or midsized business's success rate with high growth potential by focusing on impact factors no one else fully leverages.



What distinguishes us from other companies that claim to do the same? Our work is unparalleled in that we leverage important factors that other companies tend to overlook. The result is an increase in both your company's success and returns for stakeholders by a factor of 300% or higher.

For Investors

For Entrepreneurs

We'll invest our combined mentoring skills long-term in a hand-picked company group of your portfolio companies that meet our success criteria. It's a bold proposal that few others would have the confidence, willingness, and audacity to make.​

Our assumption is that you want a greater performance yield from your current and future portfolio holdings—if not, our proposition would seem moot.


We also understand that your firm invests in the portfolio companies they do with the goal of creating an "impossible future." By that, we are referring to a scenario wherein your portfolio company is able to totally disrupt, or at least dramatically rewrite the rules and dynamics of, the industry space they are playing in. 


VCP LLC. will help your firm accomplish all that and more. If you, your partners, outside investors and stakeholders, and management team also seek success in areas such as profit, cash flow, and revenue, we strongly urge you to explore a long-term collaborative match-up with VCP. 


Our firm is extensively skilled in bringing promising companies the high growth they are capable of achieving, with a demonstrable track record of companies preempting competition and sustaining themselves with preeminent leadership under our mentorship.


Every company has underperforming assets that are both tangible and intangible, as well as overlooked opportunities. Oftentimes too many, these are small but crucial factors that are only visible to those possessing the breadth of understanding, perception, and extrapolation that we do.


If you would like to learn more about our skills and their immediate and universal value, we implore you to provide us with a penetrating, Socratic interview of your partners or management teams.


We’ll invest our combined mentoring skills long-term in a hand-picked company that meets our success criteria. It's a bold proposal that few others would have the confidence, willingness, and audacity to make or propose. 

What Does It Feel Like To Be Stuck?

95% of most start-ups never reach their goals and 90% are stuck for months, if not years. If you're stuck, you're stressed, uncertain, and frustrated. Days go by but not much happens.


You spend a great deal of time grappling with unpleasant issues like cash flow or meeting the payroll. It feels like you're hanging from a cliff by your fingernails.


You want nothing more than to focus on highly leverageable activities but aren't sure what the most intelligent steps to take might be. Maybe you have some ideas but aren't sure where to even begin. 

How Do You Know You Are Stuck?

A "stuck" business, whether it is a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, is one that fails to meet growth expectations every year, every quarter, and every day. These are firms that are only being sustained by periods of economic expansion rather than strong leadership and business practices.


When the market suddenly dries up, so will your business when you're not in control of your destiny—hence, why so many businesses don't even realize they are stuck in good times.

Every Business also has a Sticking Point Where it Breaks Down:

  • You are stuck with poor leadership.

  • You are stuck in a poor business model.

  • You are stuck with poor marketing.

  • You are stuck in a limited market.

  • You are stuck with a "me too" product.

  • You are stuck with poor distribution.

We Identify Your Company's Sticking Point:

As you can see, there is a multitude of sticking points that could be afflicting your business. The sticking point could be leadership. In some cases, it's your strategic business model, and in others, it's poor execution.


Regardless of what it is, our goal is to help you identify one or two areas of your business where small, well-placed actions could make a significant difference.


The Sticking Point Solution:

We have discovered that most businesses have one or two sticking points that if these sticking points were addressed, you would achieve much more power and velocity in reaching your goals.

For some start-ups, the sticking point might be leadership or strategy. For others, marketing or distribution. It could be all four!

When You Apply The Sticking Point Solution You Will Have a Business Breakthrough:

​Under our mentorship, you will learn where to make the biggest impact. You'll understand how to execute your strategies and tactics. You will maximize your business's profitability by replacing ineffectual activities with advantageous approaches.


In a matter of months, we will be able to move from a blueprint to a Billion success phase.

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