Returns Of 300% Or Higher

We are a firm that guarantees to increase your success rate for start-ups, and mid-sized businesses with high growth potential by focusing on impact factors no one else fully leverages.

Your Private Equity Distressed Opportunity, Venture Capital fund or Angel investing firm can increase your portfolio companies’ success rate and multiply their returns to your stakeholders by a factor of 300% or higher.  We leverage impact factors that most others ignore.

CEO’s and founders can transform their opportunity from a company to a high growth Gazelle that may otherwise have remained stuck in the no-growth morass.

For Investors

A bold proposal. One few others would have the confidence, willingness or audacity to make or propose.  We’ll invest our combined mentoring skills— long-term in a hand-picked group of your portfolio companies that meet our success-criteria.

Our assumption is you want greater performance yield from your current and future portfolio holdings. If not, our proposition would seem moot.

But if you, your partners, outside investors and stakeholders including your founding or managing management team also seek maximum performance success in all relevant categories: — i.e. profit, cash flow, revenue growth, etc...we feel strongly that a collaborative long-term, match-up is worth seriously exploring.

Obviously your firm invests in its portfolio companies because both their founders and your fund is invested in hopes of creating an ‘impossible future’.  By that we refer to a game-changing scenario where your portfolio company either totally disrupts or dramatically re-writes the rules or dynamics of the industry space in which they are playing.

Our firm has extensive skill and experience bringing potential high-growth companies the growth they are after. We have demonstrable track records of mentoring numerous companies to places that preempt current competition and sustain them at preeminent leadership or dominance at or in what they do.

Every company has underperforming assets (both tangible and intangible). Every enterprise has overlooked opportunities, frequently huge ones that can only be seen by someone possessing the industry breadth and depth of combined understanding, perception, extrapolation that we have.

We welcome, by the way, the chance to demonstrate these skills and their immediate and universal value by providing a penetrating socratic interview of your partners who manage various companies or the management teams of those companies themselves.


For Entrepreneurs

A bold proposal. One few others would have the confidence, willingness or audacity to make or propose.  We’ll invest our combined mentoring skills long-term in a hand-picked company that meets our success criteria.  Many start-ups unknowingly get stuck one of many ways. 

What Does It Feel Like To Be Stuck?

95 percent of most start-ups don't reach their goals, and 90% are stuck for months if not years.  If you’re stuck, it means that you’re stressed, you'’re uncertain and  you're frustrated.  Days go by, and not much happens.

You spend an enormous amount of time grappling with unpleasant issues like cash flow or meeting the payroll.  It feels like you're hanging from a cliff by your fingernails. You’d like to spend time working on highly leverage-able activities, but you aren'’t sure what the most intelligent steps to take might be.

Or if you have some ideas, you aren't sure where to begin or how to execute those ideas.

How Do You Know You Are Stuck?

A “stuck” business, whether entrepreneurial in nature or a Fortune 500 company, is one that fails to grow predictably every year, every quarter, every day. If you’re being carried along by the marketplace, then the moment the marketplace dries up your business is going to dry up too, because you’'re not in control of your destiny. In good times, stuck businesses don’t even realize they’re stuck!

We Identify Your Company's Sticking Point:

9 out of 10 start-ups fail to reach their goals, and don’t know what to do about it.  They are stuck and don't know what to do to get unstuck except do the same thing harder.  In most cases there is a sticking point that is keeping things from flowing.

The sticking point could be leadership, in other cases it’s the strategy business model, in other cases its poor execution.

Our goal is to help you identify one or two areas of your business where small, well placed actions can make a huge difference.

Every Business also has a Sticking Point Where it Breaks Down.

You are stuck in poor leadership.

You are stuck in a poor business model.

You are stuck with poor marketing.

You are stuck with too small a market.

You are stuck with a "me too" product.

You are stuck with poor distribution.

The Sticking Point Solution

We have discovered that most businesses have one or two sticking points that if these sticking points were addressed, you woul’d achieve much more power and velocity in reaching your goals.

For some start-ups the sticking point might be leadership, for others strategy, for others marketing, for still others distribution.

When You Apply The Sticking Point Solution You Will Have a Business Breakthrough.

You'll learn where to get the biggest impact.  You'll know what to do, and how to execute on your strategies and tactics.  You'll maximize the profitability of your business by replacing unrewarding activities with new concepts you can test right away.  We can then move on to the Blueprint to a Billion success phase.

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