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Meet The Partners

​Venture Catalyst Partners, LLC. work shoulder-to-shoulder with our investments to combine game-changing leadership, business innovation approaches that foster high growth business opportunities.  We are dedicated to growing businesses and advancing careers exponentially.  We believe strongly in ethical business practices. We welcome any entity or anyone who wants to build their own opportunity, business or career and increase their personal wealth, and add to their personal growth.

Bill Henderson

General Partner | Founder | Venture Strategist 

One of Bill’s governing principles is Occam’s Razor, "other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one".  Although to those whom know he well will attest that there is another principle which influences Bill.  The principle of “anything for a story”.

Bill is a lifelong sailor so his collection of stories is quite extensive and to that end he believes that you can never know enough not to be taught a new lesson, especially when the forces of nature and mankind are involved.  His experience and of knowledge of business is much akin to his love of sailing, never met a boat that wasn’t worth his time, and never saw a business that he couldn't find some interest in adding out-sized value to.

As such anyone that couldn’t learn or resisted change was ignoring within themselves the very things they opposed in their business.  Bill knows that the continuous improvement and lifelong learning, and the precept of Kaizen "Change for the Better" is stamped within his DNA.


Bill eschewed a more formal business education when while studying for an Masters in Economics realized the pace of technology and businesses led by technology were moving at an incredible pace, and that he was already consistently exceeding the performance limits of the most current requisite technology employed at the time which required out of the box thinking, to achieve conventional, but out-sized results.

Always the one in the group to find the conventionally accepted limit first, Bill was consistently the one pushing the envelope and breaking through limits not safe to exceed.  After all, anything worth doing, is worth doing well in an aggressive lean forward way.  This way of moving forward provided a useful core competency in risk management, as you get more experience in breaking through conventional wisdom you begin to intrinsically know when things are likely to break and how.  You learn to hold back at that instance or to nudge ahead.


Experience in the alternative investment and financial engineering space introduced Bill to being aware of downside risk and embracing it as an opportunity to enhance the upside of your portfolio.  Go with whatever nature dealt you, and when that’s not working, draft it towards a new outcome.

Bill brings to Venture Catalyst Partners, LLC. a personal vision of bringing significant value to opportunities that intrinsically have high worth, but for some reason can’t evolve to value expansion.  Bill has consistently worked closely with some of the brightest entrepreneurial, business and technical minds and most innovative Internet and Enterprise technology solutions, in Alternative Investment and Financial Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing and Retail, Banking (Global Cash Management), Finance (Investment / Debt / Trading), e-Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Defense and Aerospace - Sensors, Homeland Security and Combating Global Terrorism. 


With the common linkage within each industry representing ground breaking software development. Bill's immersive nature enables him get up to speed quickly the breadth and depth of his experience helps to elevate a companies and to enable them to grow past their early successes.