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Venture Catalyst Partners, LLC. works shoulder-to-shoulder with our investments, combining game-changing leadership with bonafide business approaches to foster rewarding business opportunities. We are dedicated to using ethical business practices to advance businesses and careers exponentially and welcome anyone who wants to see their opportunity, business, or career flourish.

Bill Henderson

General Partner | Founder | Venture Strategist 

One of Bill's governing principles is Occam's Razor: "other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one." Those who know him especially well will attest that there is another principle that defines Bill: the principle of "anything for a story." 

As a lifelong sailor and commercially licensed captain, Bill is adamant that you can never know enough to not be taught a new lesson, especially when the forces of nature and mankind are involved. His experience and business knowledge are very much akin to his love of sailing—likewise to how he's never met a boat that wasn't worth his time, from 19th-century Schooners to 100-ton passenger vessels plying the waters on the Eastern and Western seaboard and the San Francisco and New York harbors, he's never encountered a business that he couldn't find any ability to add out-sized value to.

It goes without saying that anyone who resists change or is unable to learn is ignoring within themselves the very things they oppose in their business. On the contrary, a drive for continuous improvement and learning, as well as the precept of Kaizen "Change for the Better," are all ingrained in Bill's DNA. As such, he is determined to help every company identify this ethos and employ it to their advantage.


Bill had been pursuing Masters in Economics before realizing the incredible pace of technology and businesses led by technology in particular. Bill was especially enamored with the requisite technology at the time, as well as its incredible evolution, starting from PC based technology to the Internet mainframe to mobile computing.

Always the one in the group to find the conventionally accepted limit first, Bill is consistently pushing the envelope. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well in an aggressive, lean forward way. This way of moving forward provided a useful core competency in risk management. As you learn how to defy conventional wisdom, you begin to recognize on your own when things are likely to break and how; you learn to either hold back at that instance or push ahead.


Experience in the alternative investment, trading, currency markets,  and structured products (such as ABS issuance) spaces made Bill aware of downside risk and the benefit of embracing it as an opportunity to enhance the upside of your portfolio. Fundamentally, one should go with whatever nature dealt them. And when that's not working, draft it towards a new outcome.

Bill brings to Venture Catalyst Partners, LLC. his personal vision of bringing out the significant value that many opportunities have but, for some reason, can’t evolve to value expansion.  Bill has consistently worked closely with some of the brightest entrepreneurial, business and technical minds and most innovative Internet and Enterprise technology solutions, in Alternative Investment and Financial Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing and Retail, Banking (Global Cash Management), Finance (Investment / Debt / Trading), e-Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Defense and Aerospace - Sensors, and Homeland Security and Combating Global Terrorism. 


With the common linkage within each industry representing groundbreaking software development, Bill's immersive nature enables him to get up to speed quickly. The breadth and depth of his experience help elevate companies and enable them to grow past their early successes.

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