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What We Believe

Our vast cross industry experience helps us engineer creative breakthroughs for stuck companies.  Most investors have “tunnel vision” which comes from working in one industry and are wedded to industry orthodoxy.  Our experience in 100’s of industries gives us “funnel vision,” that helps us see many more options for solving problems.  This allows us to connect the dots between the success practices of different industries and design creative entrepreneurial breakthroughs for out-sized results.

Venture Catalysts

Problems or opportunities your Private Equity / Venture Capital / Angel Investment Fund wants to either reduce or improve:

Reducing current failure rate by target 33%.

Increase success horizon, judged on both positive cash-flow and liquidity/exit event by 22%.

Reduce average negative cash-flow duration by 30%.

Multiply revenue levels when company hits liquidity/exit event by 22%, thus increasing valuation asymmetrically.

Re-purpose and or redeploy failed investments in ways that recoup multiple times more sunk capital.


Our goal is to provide start-up companies a growth laboratory, and business accelerator that will help them meet and exceed the expectations of their investors.

We want to take start-ups (and mid-size firms) that are success probable, and help them to become high growth companies that disrupt the market.

We do this by applying our three key principles.

Let's Talk

Issues we help investors with:

Inspiring, empowering, enabling founders to step up to the CEO level.

Increase hit rate of new investments in start-ups from three out of five, to 7 out of 10.

Decrease capital burn in early, middle and late stage start-ups.

Accelerate velocity in moving from start-up to accelerated growth by 12-24 months.

Issues we help start-ups with:

Poor Leadership that lacks business experience, or emotional intelligence in dealing with key relationships.

Business models which don’'t have a breakthrough value proposition or which can’t be delivered profitably.

Failure to target a high growth market or over estimating the size of the market.

Slow problem to solution fit, resulting in market rejection.

Poor marketing, lack of big brother partnerships or distribution

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