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Tribe of Twelve - Ultimate Business Growth Accelerator - October, 2012 

How Start-Ups, Mid-Sized Tech (and Non-Tech) Businesses…Funded by Angel Investors, VC’s Or PE Firms, Alike, Can Get Your “STUCK” Businesses Going---And Growing!


Two “iconic” Leadership & Business Growth Experts Announce:

The Tribe of 12

The ULTIMATE Business Growth (and Profit) Accelerator/Performance-Enhancement Process

• Get the mentoring you need to make much better STRATEGIC DECISIONS, and achieve much bigger and better BUSINESS RESULTS

• Stand inside the possibility of creating an entrepreneurial “innovative” company with ICONIC STATUS that dominates your niche


• Apply our “BLUEPRINT FOR GROWTH,” the TEN MULTIPLIERS of high growth companies to your company

• Put your business through the “ULTIMATE” reality check and performance enhancement process

• Find out whether your business model, revenue approach and marketing strategy is REALLY the right one, and if not, the best alternative

• Identify your company’s key STICKING POINTS that are holding performance back and powerful insights needed  blow past them

• Find out what customers will buy before over investing in new product development

Every CEO, Founder, Angel/VC/PE investor we know sees how certain companies can seemingly come out of nowhere and hit the ICONIC success-status, seemingly overnight—Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix to mention only a few. Obviously you’d like any company you’re heavily invested in to produce “hockey stick” like ascendancy, too!

But it doesn’t always happen that way. The fact is that your business despite your sincere and honest intentions may be really STUCK, and you don’t even know that its stuck. The reasons/causes are many—but the result is ALWAYS the same: Unrealized results, Stressed out Leaders, capital dissipation, not enough customers, cash flow issues, lost opportunity cost.

We see our job as helping you stand inside the possibility of building an entrepreneurial innovative ICONIC COMPANY that out innovates, out markets, and out perform the competition

We also see our job helping you to identify the sticking points that are keeping your company stuck and giving you the power to blow past them

It’s Very Hard to Create a High Growth Business from Scratch.  But It’s Even Harder to Take a Stuck or Stalled Business (new or old) and Fix It.

We Get Stuck Businesses UNSTUCK for a Living

Better, Still: We Grow Businesses for a Living

Click on the Tribe of 12 above for more information!

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